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Summer Slump? No Way! Use These Small Biz Tips

The days are getting longer and the weather’s heating up. Unless you own a water park, business is probably slowing down. Clients go on vacations and sales are at the whim of their flexible schedule. It’s summertime, and that may or may not be a good thing for your small business.

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Four Productivity Apps That Will Change Your Business

If you’re starting your own business, you know that it’s easy to be completely overwhelmed by everything that must get done. While technology is making it easier for all of us to succeed in business, we must learn to embrace it if we want to succeed in this fast-paced environment.

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Startups, Stop Wasting Your Time (and Money) on Social Media

Social media marketing can be an essential tool for brand recognition, sales and more for your startup. If the commitment to working with a professional marketing firm is too much for your shoestring budget, there are other options!

Here’s how your startup business can benefit from social media without exhausting all of your resources:

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5 "Don't Miss" Smallbiz Networking Events

Meeting up with like-minded people is always a great move for your small business. While some networking conferences can be dry and boring, there are a few game-changers not to miss. Here are some of our top picks:

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Are You Getting the Best Advice For Your Small Business?

Let's face it, not all advice is good advice. Sometimes pearls of wisdom aren’t as valuable as you think they are – even if they come from people you think might help.

Not all advice is right for you in your given situation – and there’s a lot of noise out there. There are entrepreneurial blogs, books, coaches, webinars and colleagues to sort through. And you may find that some of it may even be contradicting advice.

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How to Hire Rockstar Interns for Your Small Business

Every single year, thousands of people make the decision to apply for internships. Whether it’s for the learning experience, school credit, or a desire to get a foot in the door with a certain company—internships are in high demand. For small businesses looking for a way to attract qualified college students to their company, or to save a little money by eliciting entry-level help—an internship program can be a beautiful thing.

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Too Busy For Social? If You’re an Entrepreneur, Think Again.

As an entrepreneur, you have an idea. An idea so awesome that you’re willing to take on an incredible amount of financial and personal risk to see it come to fruition. You obviously have something to say to the world, and understand how important social media is for your success…but you can’t seem to keep things consistent.

Once you realize that social media is really just about being social, things get much easier. By changing the way you think about social media, you can transform the way you connect to your followers.

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How to Scale Your Small Business

I was talking to a small business owner the other day who just celebrated his third year of business. When I asked him what he has learned in the past three years, he told me his key lesson was 'know how to scale your business.'

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Enter to Win Tickets to GrowCo Conference 2014!

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of things: inspiration, a great idea, funding, marketing, sales, time management skills, self-motivation, the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day but in order to grow their business, an entrepreneur needs to reignite their inspiration and gain insights from other successful companies and industry experts, and they need to make powerful connections.

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Open Your Ears! How To Listen Your Way To Success

Did you know there is tons of research out there linking emotional intelligence and leadership? But even with all of that data, emotional intelligence factors – like listening – are often passed over.

You’re not in a traditional corporate environment – but these “soft skills” are still important. Why? Because they can help you avoid misunderstandings with clients, they'll help you build a strong team -- and ultimately, grow a great business.

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